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About Hearing Habits

About the Blogger


Think hearing loss has nothing to do with you? Think again! You might be hard of hearing and don't know it yet!


According to the CDC, about 24 percent of Americans ages 20-69, who say they have excellent hearing, actually have measurable hearing loss. And due to prolonged exposure to loud noise and other environmental factors, hearing loss often gets worse before it’s diagnosed.

Every hearing loss experience is different. With at least 466 million estimated to have hearing loss, there are 466 million ways to exist, cope and thrive. For some, it's a disability, for others, an identity, and for all, a fact of everyday life.

We hear about the fight to end or cure different medical conditions. Hearing loss is not one of them. But we can end stigma and suffering.  

And that all boils down to our hearing habits

The habits that shape how we navigate life with hearing loss. How we take care of our hearing. How we support our hard of hearing friends, family, colleagues, and classmates.

Even if you happen to be one of those perfect-hearing people, hearing loss is all around you. More awareness benefits everyone! 

It's time to level up hearing loss awareness. Join me in making it part of the collective consciousness. 

Hi! I'm Erica Jansen, founder of Hearing Habits.


I’m a Minnesota-based hard-of-hearing millennial, TV producer, and MBA student.

My hearing loss is sensorineural, bilateral, mild-to-moderate, and noise-induced. It was suspected as a toddler, diagnosed at 16, and exacerbated by bad habits in my college years.  

When I got hearing aids on August 3, 2009, my life changed forever. I've been thinking about this blog ever since. I hope my stories highlight why hearing loss is an issue that should matter to everyone.


Check out the Hearing Habits Blog for a range of stories, information, advice, and entertainment.


Please reach out to me at 

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